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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Running Backwards..

Don't you just hate the commerciality of this season? It's not quite bonfire night yet but all the shops are displaying their Christmas stock.
Nothing untoward to report, this diet is so easy to maintain and the weight continues to fall off, although I really don't know or quite understand where it all actually goes to. But it disappears and each day I feel closer to my target. It has slowed down a little this week, which I expected but I know that by next week another significant amount of flubber will have gone forever.
How do you know when to start your diet? is one of the many questions people ask. My reply is always, Tomorrow! You see, you need a time and a place to start anything and you need time for your imagination to inform and impress your mind of the decision. Also, although you don't have to follow my advice, I recommend just two days in the year as an actual starting date, if you truly desire to succeed. The dates I recommend are the first of February and the second of October.
To be successful in the weight loss stakes you need to have many tricks and tips up your sleeve, I gave a few last time in the post below this one, you can scroll down a litttle bit to find them if you like. By the way, did I say 'don't try this at home?' Okay, I'll say it now! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

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