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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When hell freezes over...

First of all, I must tell you that I have a very nasty cold, so bad that I've been laid up for the best part of the last couple of days. These things happen but they always take me by surprise. It must be ten years since I felt so rotten. Even now as I sit down to write this my nose is streaming.
Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, Jack phoned up and asked for a lift home, so I drove across town to collect him. By the time I got there I was feeling rotten again, coughing and eyes watering and freezing cold.
Phew, this is a really gloomy bloggage this week, but 'ang on a mo' it gets worse. I was meant to be going down to Sale tonight for the poetry night at the Waterside Arts Centre, but of course it wouldn't have been right, for all I know I might have the flu, perish the thought. Anyway, today is even colder than yesterday was and in just forty-eight hours I have to drive two-hundred and twenty miles to south London. Such is life..
You can now check out three of my poems Online at Hive Magazine. I also have three poems from my Merseyside collection at Poem 800. And if you want to read my latest really bad poetry you only need clink-the-link to SweetTalkingGuy
Don't you just hate losing things? I do and I'm sure I just lost a five pound note in my local shop. Anyway, one of my favorite local shops Henson's Hardware on Great Western Street Moss Side has just been awarded the Hardware Retailer of the year award by the British Hardware Federation. If anyone deserves it, they do!

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