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Monday, April 09, 2012

Total Recall - Post Six

St. Aubins Village Jersey.

The last time I went to church was in my teens,
blue jeans, sweet dreams, cool themes.
Only, there was this one sin I needed to get off my chest, one thing!
I thought that God missed me all these years but he couldn’t see me for sin.
That’s what the priest at St Aubins told me anyhow, when I told him.
It was the summer of seventy-four, we spent it on the beach there.
And another five round the corner at St Brelades, The Golden Sands.
Is there anything else you can tell me, have you touched your naughty thing?
Maybe you’ve touched a girl, got her into trouble, you will burn in hell!
I said no, there’s nothing else, just give me my penance and let me go.
Very well, say three Our Fathers, two Hail Mary’s and a Glory be…

I thanked the Irish Priest and prayed that he and his god could not see me.

The above was written in 2007 and originally posted here. (There's a picture of the church too.)

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