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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Pudding crazy...

I saw her in the woods
but she didn’t wanna talk
she was much too busy to go for a walk
she was eating ice cream with a fork

She was really really really
really busy don’t you know
sitting there eating ice cream in the snow

Rats I got tennis bats for shoes
and a one string guitar to pluck the blues
I asked her to play
just for something to say

She said no way mate
I’m much to busy
to go out on a date

I said where do you get
your ice cream from

She said I get ripe bananas
from the Banana Factory
and I bung ‘em in the freezer
and I whiz ‘em up you see
then I sit here eating them
the whole of the day long

I said you’re pudding crazy
but you’re in my song


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