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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

No Turning Back...

Joy at last lasting joy peace the bells are ringing shouting screaming out
Rejoicing in the Saviour - where is He now - how do we live by faith
They set you up to let you down delighted when you fall and you will

Because everybody does and from a great height when they walk by sight
Even you and I there is no getting away from them when they come
Deadly as the different ones when they arrive beating down your door  

Who are you where are you what is your understanding of the whole thing
The situation that you have entangled yourself with for so long
The hole that you have dug for yourself deeper and deeper into debt

Down the darkest of slippery slopes until there is no turning back
Yet there is always a chance another way a change of direction
And a change of heart because it’s not just money that can break the bank


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