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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Hi, and welcome back to Proper Joe's. Nicola's Newsletter Raw Meat.. is online from today and this issue RM#78 is dedicated to the memory of our writer friend Eric Topp. Eric died five years ago, aged only 34. Amazingly, he had written thirteen novels. Three of them have been published posthumously. You can clink the link to Nicola's blog/Newsletter at:
I would be telling pork pies if I said I didn't have a beer belly, 'cos I do look like a roly poly. But the good news is, that I haven't actually had a beer for over four weeks. In fact no alcohol has so much as passed my lips over the last thirty days. So, even though I may appear to have a beer belly - there's no beer in it! Have I missed it? Not really, but I am getting a bit sick and tired of drinking diet coke. You see, as my regular readers will tell you, I'm on a non-diet. What do I mean by the term 'non-diet'? Good question, but I'm glad you asked. You see, what I'm doing against all medical advice, (don't try this at home) is losing the weight first and then going on the diet.
Diet to order, eat on demand! call it what you will but this non-diet is the easiest way for most people to shed excess fat fast. You can eat as much as you wish, as many times during the day as you desire, without any weighing out or counting calories. In addition to the generous amount of food you can consume, you can also drink as many cups of tea or coffee as you like and unlimited quantities of diet cola/other non-calorific sodas. But just like in real life there are some rules to follow. Water is the BIG one. You must drink a minimum of four pints of water every day. That's eight 10 oz glasses! The other thing is, that the food you eat must be chicken, fish, seafoods, eggs, skimmed milk cheeses, lean meat, no fat, no carbohydrates, no dairy, no bread, no sugar, no milk in your tea or coffee. I guess you get the picture.
So, I'm now on week five of The Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet and although I've not bothered to weigh myself since the end of the first week, I can confidently report that I'm well on course to reach my target weight by May Day. In fact, I believe that I'm doing so well that it may only take me eight weeks to achieve my goal, instead of the twelve weeks that I had anticipated. Three days ago I managed to squeeze into the next size down jeans. I'm sitting here at the keyboard in 32 inch waist jeans, ok I've got a big fat beer style belly lurking over the top of them but nonetheless...
I've mentioned this before, I know, and I apologise in advance for potentially boring you. Exercise is a new thing to me, of course we all take exercise to some degree. Walking, cycling, household chores etc. and personally I've played a lot of football in the past - but the point I'm trying to make is that I never saw the bread + butter, run of the mill type of activities as exercise. Not like the things I have started doing recently, like press-ups and sit-ups and stretching and lifting a few light weights. These exercise things are amazing, just a few minutes of discipline gives you the same satisfaction as eating a meal. How's that for a Proper Joe's trick?
I don't know if any of you ever clink the link to my really bad poetry blog: StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweet... but the links are here if you want to get really bored!
Before I go out into the wet Manchester night, I've just had a great idea! My birthday is on August the 25th. And I've just realised that I'm not alone! Hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of people share that same aniversary. Maybe even you! So, if you are one of the chosen few people who share August 25 as their birthday, please leave a comment on this blog! Hey and if you've got your own web site why don't we do an exchange link? Readers, please write in with your ideas of how I/we might develop this idea.

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