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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Blogger...

Well then, here we are again and guess what? I've just been forced to sign up to a Google account to make this blog work in New Blogger! I managed to by-pass the sign up thingy a few times but this time they got me. I must report though that on my really bad poetry blog StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweet I managed to jib through and post to old blogger. I posted a true story (only joking) on my poetry blog and you can read it if you clink the link. I wrote it in about 1991 and it was first published in a little chap book (that's chap not crap!) in 1992. It was titled Surveillance and sub titled I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more! At the time I used to hang out with a lot of singer songwriters in the back street bars of Manchester and they all loved Bob Dylan. So now you know where I got the sub title from!
I joined/signed up for Manchester Free Cycle this week. It's a web site where you can post wanted and unwanted items . They have lots of rules and regulations but it is a great idea and there is probably a freecycle site for your town, wherever you live. The main rule is that no money changes hands - everything is FREE! Sound like your sort of thing? then clink the link and check them out for yourself!
I've been installing French Windows in the house this week 'cos Nicola has been moaning about the state of the place. I tend to start projects and never quite finish them. What actually happens is that I change my mind half way through the job. What Nic doesn't realise is that the way we've got the house right now, in its unfinished state is exactly what the bohemian New Yorkers are spending thousands of dollars to achieve. Anyway, you can clink the link to Nicola's blog if you really want to know what she thinks about things. By the way it's called RawMeat.. Nicola Batty's Newsletter. She updates it every month and includes an extract from her work-in-progress-novel The Space Between.
Okay, so you've read this far and you're still waiting for me to tell you something really mad. Aren't you? Well, here's a little business idea you can kick about (literally) 'cos it involves lots of balls. As you know by now I'm on a strict non-diet and I'm going to lose about four and a half stone or 63 pounds over an eight to twelve week period. Anyrate, by May Day I will have reached my target weight and then the hard work starts keeping the flab at bay. Losing the excess weight is the easy bit, anybody can do that. You don't have to starve yourself or go on a low calorie diet or start a fitness program. No, you can do it the easy way like me and many thousands before me on a high protein diet. It's so easy I call it a non-diet, 'cos I'm going to lose the weight first - then go on the diet. So, what's all this got to do with balls? Well, what happens on my non-diet is that after a couple of weeks, I've just started week four, you start feeling really energetic. So, I came up with this crazy exercise idea that anybody can do in the privacy of their own home. I must warn you though it's a load of balls!
You can do this little exercise in the park, on the beach, in the garden, at home in the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/hallway/dining room in fact you can do it anywhere. It doesn't matter where you do it, you will still get a good feeling from it. First of all you need to purchase a load of balls. Those soft plastic different coloured ball pool balls that kids play with are ideal. I got a pack of one hundred from Toys R us for about ten quid, but I saw them recently at Tesco's for £3.95 Right, then you simply throw the balls onto the ground/floor and reach down and pick them up. I use 33 balls in a plastic laundry basket and I put a couple of strips of 2x1 timber on the floor/ground to retain the balls in a run/row. If you want to develop this idea as a business you need to come up with a neat way to contain the balls, a thick piece of rope about fifteen feet long and tied end to end to make an obolong shape would do the trick. But don't forget I want my ten per cent of any/all profits you make from this product! You can e-mail me at:

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