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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Guess what? I can touch the floor and that's official! It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was advocating that floors should be made higher. What a difference losing a few pounds of flab can make. Not only can I touch the floor but I can actually pick things up without having to crawl around in agony. And, it gets better, I now feel so energetic. I want to do things, all the time.
Ok, just to update you on the state of play. The non-diet is going great guns. This week is week three and I've never felt so good. I was thinking, when I've been on this rapid reduction/weight loss program before, I was a smoker. A desperate gasper with a forty-a-day-habit! I remember using the dreaded tobacco as a crutch. I genuinely thought that smoking helped me lose weight because (in my logic) if I was puffing away then I wasn't stuffing myself with food. How deluded is that?
Well, I'll have to be truthful and tell you the way things are. I still look like a pregnant woman from the front. And I still resemble the shape of a Suomo wrestler from the side. So, how long is this thing going to take? Yeah, Rome wasn't built in a day and losing weight takes time, no matter what tricks you may or may not have tucked up your sleeve. But I can tell you that it will take me between eight and twelve weeks to reach my target weight. I know this as I have used this little trick three or four times before. I'm not proud of the fact that after losing several stones of fat, I then managed to put it all back on again. Not once but three or four times.
So what's different this time? How do you know that you won't fail again? The simple answer is that I don't know if I will fail again. What I do know is that I will achieve my goal of losing a vast amount of flab. But as I've said elsewhere, losing the weight is the easy bit. The hardest bit of the whole program, I think, is actually starting it. There is always some excuse, some valid reason not to. But after you do take the plunge it really is easy. The difference this time round is that I'm not on a diet yet. I'm simply losing the weight first! Then I'm going on the diet! So, the difference is in the way that I see things.
I guess that most of us are doomed to fail. I know that maintaining any weight loss is the tricky bit. I have always failed in the past because as soon as I had lost the weight, I was out on the town, eating and drinking to excess. This time I'm planning to start my diet on May Day, which is exactly twelve weeks after the start of my quick weight loss program. So, yes it's going to be tough! not losing the flab but keeping it off!
I mentioned that I had a few tricks stuffed up my jumper. Well, I'll tell you what they are. Firstly though I must warn you not to try them at home without first consulting your doctor or other health care proffesional. My own doctor, Doctor Dreama absolutely forbade me from going on this program. The first trick, oh I should tell you that the quick weight loss diet is a high protien diet. Anyway, the first trick is that when you only eat fish, chicken and eggs an amazing thing happens. You don't feel hungry!
It's true, you don't feel hungry because the high protiens act like a hunger suppressant. Also, after a few days your stomache actually shrinks and you really don't need to eat so much to feel full. Like the author of the diet Doctor Stillman says in his book The Doctors Quick weight Loss Diet. 'Calories count, you just don't count them!' The trick is 'You don't count calories, cos you don't need to.
How bored are you getting? I won't be too long now. But I must tell you that it is essential to drink four to six pints of water a day. The trick is to space the glasses of water out through the day. If you don't drink the water, you'll feel really dehydrated and no end of bad things can happen to your insides. Some people claim that water is a kill or cure all for many ailments. I think that one thing I must remember to continue after May the first is to keep on drinking the water. My tip is, in a pint pot pour three quarters full of cold water and top up with boiling water.

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