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Friday, January 18, 2008



NEW FOR 2008
Things have to change, not just this blog or that bloke in the pub or the nice lady on the check-out at Yasda! But things in general, seasons in particular and okay, I'm beating about the bush this blog!
Everyboddie's heard of Space Invaders the old arcade game but not very many people know that I wrote a play at Withington Library in Manchester in 1984 with the same name. One person who did know about my play was the receptionist at the BBC who was a young girl herself at the time. I hasten to add that she is now a housebound wife and washing maniac of a certain Surrey village. She is a grand-mother of four young toddlers and I wish her well in her old age. She kept my play for six months and didn't show it to the powers that be. She did tell me that it was so badly written that she feared that she would be sacked for submitting it. I think that if I were her I would have rather been sacked from the Beeb than end up as a housebound washing maniac in bloody Banstead! But that's me...
The thing about living in this little bit of Bohemia is that everyone you meet is more creative than you. Nicola has already written half a dozen novels and a shed full of plays and short stories and has just about completed at least the first draft of the first book in the trilogy she's writing. You can read Nicola's Newsletter Raw Meat, Online at: You can also check out her novels and other works at: Then of course there's Jack he's a drummer in a band and together with his friend Johanan he's creating a series of comic books. Tonight, he was showing me some futuristic hieroglyphics that he was ageing with a lighter and a teabag. And they live in the same house as me.
So, 2008 and all that, I thought I'd do the decent thing and write a novel myself. Of course I'm going to cheat, you won't catch me burning the midnight oil writing and re writing draft after draft of some boring old ego-centric piece of prose. (maybe that's a bit strong!) Anyway, like I said I'm going to cheat and use my unpublished play script Space Invaders (thanks to Shirley from bloody Banstead!) from 1984 as the gist of the story. I must tell you that I have started and abandoned novels on several occasions in the past so don't get too exited just yet. Phew! Well, I know that most times out of ten books get turned into scripts but there are precedents where it has happened the other way round. Look at Peter Pan!

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