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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Plot Thickens..

Every day something new happens to change the plans I have previously plotted. No matter how hard I try, sometimes I just fail to get things right. Take the plastering of Nicola's new sitting room for starters. There's about two days worth of work left to complete this little project, but try as I might something always comes up to prevent me from finishing this job.
I really can't remember whether I mentioned the Jakarta style bi-cycle rickshaw on these pages recently but anyhow, I would really like to make something along these lines. I know that I have talked many times in the past about The Ziggy Bike and how Nic would like me to build one and then we located one and found it was a niche market toy costing over three thousand pounds (GBP). Well I've had another butchers and I think we could build one with a little help, perhaps.
I don't know why it's called a tacsy but it is a bit like a taxi I suppose. It is a long-bike like the Xtracycle with a side-car arrangement that takes two passengers in a sofa style seat. The rider (tacsy driver) sits in front of the passengers on the right-hand side much like a London cab. I feel that a similar design could answer a lot of questions for us.
I have a few new ideas that include photography for this blog. I always wanted to take pictures when I was a kid and it wasn't till after I left school and started work in Piccadilly that I actually got around to doing it. Sadly, most of the pics I took all those years ago are now lost (by me) but I do still have a complete set of photo's I took in the 1970's and titled My Secret Railway. The railway in question was one of the many dismantled routes in south Manchester, which was walkable in those days but is so overgrown and swampy in places now that it is impossible to follow for the most part today.
Okay, I got one of those crazy party political leaflets shoved through my letterbox the other day and although no one in the right mind is going to ever vote for these sad and naive people they did have, I thought, one good point concerning the proposed road charging scheme in Manchester. They said that they oppose the introduction of the con-gestion charge because it would make Manchester dependent on future car traffic to raise revenue to pay for the scheme - rather than reduce car use across the whole city.
Now I think that's a valid point. What say YOU?


  1. You just reminded me - I was going to photograph the various bicycle/motorbike-based vehicles I see daily. I'll have to get on it - it may give you more ideas

  2. Thanks Stan, I didn't like to ask you, seen as your so busy these days but if you do get a chance I'm interested in the joints and couplings on trailers. But would love to see any Thai specials you spot over there.

  3. That tacsy could be fun in a city, but like the tuk-tuks the reality is probably a face full of car exhaust.

  4. Hi Robin, yeah you're probably right, although I was hoping (dream on)to find some quiet streets.