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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Self Service

Don't you just hate shopping?
Or have I lamented this theme before?
To death! I hear the cries from the threepennies.
Anyhow, supermarketology is one of those things that won't go away in a hurry. I was in one of our local supermarkets today, not to be confused with the street mini-markets or the giant hyper-markets that abound these days, when I suddenly realised that there were about a dozen self service tills, now I have seen these tills at a few places recently but it was only today that I realised that not only were they (the supermarket bosses) making the customer do all the work but they were at the very same time depriving a dozen or so of their own employees a job. Now if you add up the wage savings of twelve staff times a minimum of two shifts per day i.e. 24 staff working eight hours each times seven days per week then divide that up into how many actual staff they save if each one only works a forty hour week then multiply that by the minimum wage then multiply that by 350 stores then multiply that by four big national players and it all adds up to about £1m per week. That of course is small beer for the multiples but this is only the start. Now that they've got all of these people tilling up their own purchases they'll be out to expand it until they don't need to employ any check out staff any more, just more and more uniformed security guards to check out the customers. Mad? of course it is but that's supermarketology for you.


  1. Too true, glad someone else sees the absurdity of it all.

  2. Hi B?, Thanks for visiting Proper Joe's.

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