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Monday, March 26, 2012

Total Recall - Post Four

Fifteen year old's out on the town zooted
we usually sit in the side room
but tonight we're at the bar in the hall
nobody asks if we are eighteen yet
we just stand there getting tanked up gawking
at the Macs the stiletto's and bare feet
de rigueur for the Union Hotel
the working girls are all standing in line
they ignore us as they wait for their call
when the phone rings the next one answers it
and slips out the side door into the night
or an old Cortina if she's lucky
there's a geezer at the bar with tattoos
he's got a noose drawn on his Gregory
Everybody kills somebody sometime...
is printed over it in italics
and upside down inside his bottom lip
you can read FUCK OFF when he scowls at you
the barmaid's going on about something
and the regulars in the other room
are shouting for more beer one wants a blob
we go to the club about ten 0'clock
across the canal and the vacant lot
Mister Smith's off Samuel Ogden Street
they've got topless barmaids till two am
there's a carousel dance floor going round
it's mid-week fun nineteen seventy one
but it's seedy and Brazil Street is sad
Northern Soul and Tamla Sounds can't lift it
we get the night bus at quarter to three
and I'm back at eight in Piccadilly
to do another days work at the shop

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