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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wendy Naisa script #1

Wendy Naisa

Act One


“You can’t say you’re invisible and just disappear like that!” Shouts Natasha.

The room is empty and a cold breeze springs-up from somewhere.

“Where are you, where are you hiding?” She screams into the empty, rapidly becoming cavernous room.

She pulls a woolly jumper off the back of a reclining chair and wraps it around her shoulders, pulling it tight like a blanket. ‘Bloody English summers,’ she mutters audibly.

She turns around and faces the window, just as the glass shatters. She ducks then falls to the floor, “bleeding ‘ell!” She shouts.

The room is getting bigger! It’s disintegrating!

“Where have you gone, Jon!” She bellows in a slow, precise, pleading, sort of way.

An electric light bulb shatters and more glass hits the floor.

“Nobody’s invisible, nobody’s invisible, nobody’s invisible.” She rants, over and over again.

Her voice becomes hoarse with chanting. Crouching on the floor she hears a peal of thunder, the ceiling plaster starts to crack. Natasha can’t see it, it’s much too dark in her elongated room.

For a split second the whole space is illuminated by a flash of lightening, a strange and eerie silence is followed by a clock ticking somewhere in the room, tick tock, tick tock.

‘Five, six, seven, eight’ she counts in an animated hoarse whisper.

Her numeration cut short by a thunderous crash. The whole house, the timber frame, the exterior cement, the internal plaster, the bricks and mortar, the breaking of glass, the tangle of electric cables, the twisted water pipes, and then finally the leaking gas pipe ignites!

Wendy Naisa is an anagram of Andy Sewina.


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