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Monday, June 17, 2013

Wendy Naisa Script #2

Wendy Naisa

Act Two


"He's writing a book you know!" Jon tells Natasha, over a cappuccino at Vegables cafe in Oldham Street. It's raining outside, but that's par for the course, in Manchester.

"It always friggin' rains when you get dressed up like a dogs dinner." Says Natasha, before taking a sip of her frothy coffee.

"You're not listening to me, are you Nat?" Questions Jon, tapping his little finger on the chequered Formica pattern of the round table top in the window seat, where they always sit.

"What?" Asks Natasha, what were you saying, Jon?" She smiles at her long time lover, pursing her violet lippied lips, in a teasing sort of way.

"He's writing a flaming book!" Jon repeats his opening statement.

"Who is?"

"He is!"

"Who's he?"

"You know, him! That Danny fellow, who tells all those funny jokes!"

"I don't think they're funny."

"I know, I don't either, but he does."

"Who does?"

"He does, Danny bloody Wise!"

"His poems are better than his jokes."

"Yeah, yeah, maybe one or two, but the rest are crap! Anyway, that's not the fluming point is it?"

"What's the point then?"

"The point is, he's writing a book!"

Wendy Naisa is an anagram of Andy Sewina.   


  1. Does he want it reviewing...?
    ... ...
    Is the pope a catholic...?

  2. If he takes as long to finish this book as he has taken since he started his last unfinished novel you might be waiting some time to review it!