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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About Time Too!

It's gone really quiet on our street all of a sudden. Not before time , I might add. It can get pretty hectic in Moss Side especially in the summer time. We've had a few good days weatherwise lately and yes, everybodies been out on the streets enjoying the sunshine. Then, about the middle of last week - it all went quiet! Yes, there was a bit of a lull in the weather and we even got the odd April shower. But all of a sudden about Thursday last, people started to disappear from the streets. I'm not kidding you, there must be about one hundred regulars from Claremont Road alone, gone missing. Where have they all gone and more importantly why? Well, the only explanation I can offer is that last Wednesday, the local powers that be installed CCTV camera's in strategic places along the street. I went out this morning and had a look round - everywhere was still quiet. Then I saw one of the drug sellers, just out of camera alongside the wall of the pub. The shady (unlicensed) taxi's were there too. And the snide goods dealers, tucked just out of sight of the CCTV. I walked past the end of the side street and guess what? More of the usual suspects, were huddled together, leaning on some poor sod's car. Yes Ms Politician lady! You've managed to cut the CRIME figures - but only by moving the criminals into the side streets! And, only for NOW! 'Cos by the time that the local elections are over, everybody will have realised that there is no film in the camera's and everything will be back to normal!
I don't want to get too political - even though the local elections are just around the proverbial corner... But I must have a dig at the 2/8 (state) of the roads round here. In the fifteen years or so that we have lived here the road and pavements have never been recovered. They have been meddled with, for instance some idiot has planted little propergander sign-posts at the end of some of the side-streets - the problem is the place they have installed the scaffolding tube style signs is on the slopey bit where the pavements have been lowered for wheelchair access. How mad is that? And those speed bumps? They are the worst things! The traffic round here is MAD! But putting speed bumps on the street is Madder! Why? Because the Mad drivers actually speed up to go over the stupid things, resulting in more chaos. If any of the local candidates actually knock on my door this year, I'll guarantee my vote to the first one that promises to remove the blooming SPEED BUMPS!
We've got all sorts of green issues hounding us at the moment. We have a re-cycling collection man who comes every fortnight but most people don't leave anything out for him. We also have a wheelie bin collection every week, which is also a bit of a disaster. Most people don't take their bins back into their yards, they leave them out in the alley and then the kids come along and set fire to them or turn them over. They then become a health risk as rats and mice are attracted to the mess. Green Gilbert says: Wheelie bins in this area don't work! a) nobody wants them in their back yard because robers use them as scaffolding to break into their homes. b)The kids saw the wheels off them. So, what is the answer? Those skip type wheeled bins are beter than individual wheelie bins - what we need is a communal skip at the end of every alleyway.
Think Wilco, think Jeff Tweedy! The sometimes controversial lead singer of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy is our featured celebrity this week who just happens to have been born on my birthday. You can clink the link HERE to the Wikipedia site about him. I have looked at quite a few other sites including the Wilco site, but in the end I think this link will give you a clearer image of who Jeff Twedy is! Talking about birthdays it was Shakespeares birthday yesterday and also the aniversary of his death. Yesterday was of course also Saint George's day. The Patron saint of England.
My really bad poetry blogs! What's happening is this! For some stupid reason, it looks like I'm going to lose StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweet... so I set up SweetTalkingGuy... to continue my really daft/bad/some people say rubbish poetry. The thing is in the meantime I now have two poetry blogs, so each tuesday I now post my new poem/lyric to both! This weeks posting is a song called Canaletto, you can sing it yourself - any tune will do! I started off thinking sucu-sucu but it ended up a bit Beatleyish! Some of my fave canals in the world get a mention, so please do check it out!
Where do I get these names from? Anyway, Gobsplot is my Doktir Nairobi blog. Gobsplot is an anagram of Blogspot! And the blog is pretty much me blogging on about Nairobics! Nairobics? Some people say I invented it and that Doktir Nairobi is my alter ego! I really don't know where these people get their ideas from. I must say that I have been writing about Doktir Nairobi for a long time. I first tried writing Nairobics as a novel in the 1970's, I wrote over 30,000 words and ripped the manuscript up. I had met some christians in Jersey and they told me that Nairobics was from the devil and I was scared that I would lose my soul, so I destroyed it. In the 1980's I re-wrote it for a funzine publication. It recieved a lot of attention at the time, but I was never able to keep the momentum going. So, with more info than ever about Nairobics and Doktir Nairobi, I'm going to give it a final whirl as a web publication. You can clink the link HERE.

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