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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter tour..

Nic, Jack + I went down to the beautiful city of Plymouth for the Easter weekend. Nic's cousin Karen got married to Shane. It was a beautiful sunny day and the picture postcard view from the hotel was magnificent. I really like being by the sea and the view across the bay of Plymouth Sound must be one of the most beautiful in Britain. The only thing I don't like about Plymouth is the steep hills. Pushing Ziggy can be murder, especially when the streets are cobbled as well. Fortunately for us, on this trip, the going was easy. We stayed at a hotel on Plymouth Hoe which was quite close to the one where the wedding was being held. In the morning before the wedding we went for a little walk around the Barbican - we saw the Mayflower Steps, where the Pilgram Fathers boarded the Mayflower to set sail for America all those years ago. I spoke to a guy, who was driving a touristy tuk-tuk sightseeing thing. I asked him if it had an electric motor? No, he replied, It's got a 350 something or other! Get an electric one! I said.
It looks like City are staying put in the Premiership, after reaching the magical 40 point mark yesterday. They beat the London side Fulham 3-1 in the capital, with a goal each from Barton, Beasley and Vassell. Of course forty points may not be enough to stave off relegation but most people I've spoken to today think that it'll be enough. That red across the road didn't say anything though - I mean he couldn't say much - could he! Uni-ted having been beaten by lowly Portsmouth very recently. The title race is wide open again, Chelsea being only three points adrift now and having played the same number of games as the reds.
This is week ten and I've blown-it! Well, not quite! Although, I took the week-end off to go the wedding and I'm still eating vegetables and cereal and other food apart from MEAT, EGGS + FISH, I must tell you that I'm not over-eating, or feeling hungry and I'm not going mad! What I am doing though, is monitoring the situation and if I feel it is neccessary, then I will go back on the rapid reduction technique for a further two weeks - but not going beyond my target finish date of May Day. Come what may, May Day is when the real diet starts. By that, I mean that from the first of May 2007 I will have to be very careful about what I eat and what I don't eat. One thing I intend to continue to do is to keep on drinking the water! Each day I need at least 4 pints of the nectar, just to stay alive! But it's not just me - Everybody needs to drink this amount of water, every day + the 4 pint amount is just for starters, what we really ought to be drinking in addition is a like for like amount for every cup of tea + coffee and for each glass of juice, cola, alchol etc. Dream On!
Proper Joe or what? Billy Ray Cyrus, famous for his mullett hair style and for his big hit Achy breaky heart, has a new album out I'm told called Wanna be your Joe! Do you? Well, alright then, I guess thats ok! Sounds more like a Lou Reed kind of title than a Country thing to me. But you can't help liking Achy breaky, can you? I know that I can't. What I didn't know at the time was that Billy Ray shared my birthday - but that didn't stop me buying the tune. I was just reading on the weird web that Achy breaky was voted the worst song ever by one pop magazine in 2004 - there's no accounting for tastes is there! Anyhow, what do I know? You can check out Billy Ray Cyrus HERE.
In my really bad poetry and even worse song lyric blog STSTS last week, I posted the daft lyrics to a song I said was called Cricket Bat! Well, guess what? It's not! Called Cricket Bat! It's not even about a cricket bat and I don't even know why I told you it was, apart from the fact that I didn't have a written down version of the song and had to re-create it from memory. Well, my memory came back to me half way through the week and I now remember that it was called Tennis bat! Not only did I get the title completely wrong, I also missed out a crucial part of the lyric - I see you've got yerself a one string thing! It makes a racket + it cost a packet! But if yer wanna make that rot-box swing! So, to cut a long story short I'm gonna change it today! What I don't know though is what will be on offer this week! Well, I guess you'll just have to check it out for yourself! HERE.


  1. So you know I view the sites and read what's sound, from monthly's to weekly's - got to take my dose.
    Becoming addicted.

  2. Hi Stan, How's the weather in Thailand at this time of year? It's good to know we still have a world-wide readership. Yeah, we do weekly's + monthly's but no daily's right now. Keep on taking the tablets!