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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back on track! ...

Well it's back to normal after a couple of hairy scary weeks! Well, nearly! When I say normal, I really mean EXCITING! I mean, it is isn't it? To think that I'm sitting here and you're sitting there in your comfortable chair and you're reading what I'm writing. How normal's that? Anyway, on with the blog! First off, apologies to all those people who clinked this link the last couple of weeks and came up empty. You may have noticed the sub heading now says: Nearly Every Tuesday as that is more accurate than the previous one. So, nearly, nearly? No, not really!
25/8/1956 MATT AITKEN
This week in this section of this blog. Songwriter Matt Aitken of Scott, Aitken + Waterman fame, was born on my birthday in the year 1956. You can clink the link to find out more about him, but you might have to do a google search yourself - try the Scott, Aitken + Waterman site. Anyway, if you share my birthday - August 25 you can write in and let me know! And I'll give you a BIG write-up!
This is not really a political blog, although I do get on me pulpit sometimes. So, I'm just going to suggest a couple of little things for anybody else who wants to run with the ball, so to speak. The first one is: Move It To Manchester! If you've got a business or a great business idea/plan, then where better to develop it than this fair city? Move it to Manchester - you won't be sorry! The second thing I wanted to say was: SIT! Scrap Income Tax! Imagine that? Well it could be a reality, I have it on good authority that the powers that be are considering just that. However, it won't be such a bonus as you might think - 'cos they also have big plans to increase sales tax and VAT and to introduce a local sales tax.

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