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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wise words...

Honest, I met this bloke down the pub the other day and he was a ringer for Gordon Brown. I asked him what he was going to do when he became Prime Minister? And, do you know what he said, he said: "I'm going to scrap income tax!" I suppose you could call it the 'sit' campaign, or better still 'The sit in the pub all day and dream up daft ideas campaign!' Which would of course really be 'The sit pad ad up i' campaign.
What do I know? Not a lot, these days, it would appear. But life/things go on and nothing stays the same for long. Take the weather! Yes, honestly, you can have it, take it away - take it back to your neck of the woods, I/we don't want it. This is meant to be summer but all we seem to get these last few days/weeks in this town is RAIN! However, the rain is a sort of blessing in disguise, because I'm doing jobs around the house at present - a little decorating - fixing - repairing stuff - decluttering - etc. and if it was sunny outside, I'd be really mad, at missing it!
I'm a terrible shopper, so I appologise in advance to shopkeepers everywhere. I usually take/make about three trips to the shops before I make a purchase. You see, my problem is, that the shops don't stock the things I want/need. So, shopping becomes a compromise, I usually end up buying something that will do the job - but not the product I was looking for. Mops! for example, I need really good quality mops and buckets to keep my bathroom floor the way I want it. I already have a professional mop bucket with a lever to squeeze the mop - but I don't like it because even though it wrings out pretty well - it mixes the dirty water back into the clean water - so you end up washing the floor with smelly water. So, I bought one of those buckets with a divider - clean water in one side - dirty wrung out smelly water in the other side. Great idea, but the actual wringer bit thingy that comes/came with it is detachable/loseable and yes if I'm honest, it's lost. But I still use the divider bucket with one of those magic mops that are like a sponge on a stick with a squashy lever that wrings the sponge bone dry. But when we went camping in Norfolk recently, I came across the most fantastic mop bucket - however, the only thing I can tell you about it is it was red and it had a really deep wringer thingy that fantastically wrang out the mop. I want one - but of course nobody sells them - the shop keepers think I'm stupid - I'm wasting their time. I'm MYSTIFIED!
Well, it has to be Martin Amis this week after mentioning him last time. Yes another writer and a prolific one at that. You can clink the link to the Martin Amis web site.

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