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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot and cold...

Well, that's what's forecast for tomorrow anyway. It makes you wonder about all this talk of global warming sometimes. The weather here has been nice, some days, but not others. In fact if you were to ask the proverbial man in the street about the weather he would say, it's back to normal. Normal in these parts means rain!
The comedian Bernard Manning is dead! He died this week in a North Manchester hospital, close to his home, aged seventy six.
25/8 UPDATE...
Last week I mooted 'Move it to Manchester' and guess what? Writer and shared birthday fellow Martin Amis, I just read in the local paper, is moving to Manchester to lecture at the University! How quick was that?
I don't think I've had a footballer (soccer player) sharing a birthday with me before, but this week I'm going to feature Dutch International and ex Man City goalkeeper Ronald Waterreus, remember him? Well, he only played a couple of games for City, in the league cup and none in the league before moving on to Rangers of Glasgow. I believe he is playing out his career in the United States these days but he is getting on a bit now in footballing terms, being born on 25/8/1970. Most of the stuff on the web about him is in Dutch or current stuff from America, so I'll give you a simple English link to clink - clink the link.

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