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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April Showers..

Anorobic anorak? Yeah, right! Leave it with me. I don't know much about the above mentioned process, but it was in the news this week. The gist of it is, is that some local authority's and government departments want to build a plant to process waste. Which is a great idea a bit like my own little idea that I'll let you develop here.
My idea/challenge to you, is to build a system that will capture some of the energy generated as a by product of driving your car and re-using it as power in the home. I believe that all the components and technology to do this already exist and that somebody with a technical mind could develop a product of this nature... go for it!
I was talking about shopping local last time and putting my money where my mouth is, I went out and bought a new kitchen knife from a local shop. Great? It was! and it was sharp too, possibly the sharpest knife I'd ever used. I was chopping the onions and slicing the tomatoes and having a great time till... Ouch! I cut into my fingernail and made a bloody incision into the delicate skin behind it. I rushed to the cold water tap and struggled to clean and dress the wound, the plaster wouldn't stick. It was then that I thought 'wouldn't it be great if you could buy Liquid Skin in a tin and spray it on.'

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