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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nearly nearley...

It's a good job that I said I'd update this blog nearly every Tuesday, because I missed it last week and I very nearly didn't show again today. So, sorry about last week and I apologise to each one of you who turned to these pages, only to find that there was no update.
Well, I am here today and I do have something to say, if I can find it, hold on a mo..
That's right, last week I came down with an awful cold, it was one of those things that just drains you completely, you think that you'll never recover and then the next day you're 'right as rain!' So, today, I'm back on form but still not totally recovered. At least I can see the monitor and the keyboard so perhaps, we can put the world to rights once again.
'Shop local' was the message I had intended to lead with last week. I try and use my local shops because it's a case of 'use 'em or lose 'em these days. The last thing we want to do is to lose our local shops. In this little bit of Bohemia we are probably more fortunate than some of our more affluent neighbours when it comes to local shops. We still have the famous 'corner shop' on every other block and other good shops like Hensons Hardware on Great Western Street and Arties Barbershop on Claremont Road.
Don't you just love all those convenience stores that are springing up on every high street. To give you an example, we've got ten of them on our street, each one of them is a double fronted mini-market with a fruit and veg stall outside and a Hal-AL butchers counter inside. They're very nice and convenient if you run out of something or just want a bar of chocolate but you couldn't afford to do your weekly shop there. Or could you? You see, sometimes the local shops are actually cheaper than the big stores. And, you usually don't have to wait in that big long queue. The best thing about them though is that they are local and they are convenient.
Have you been over to visit my Online Novel, Space Invaders! yet? If not, you can clink-the-link HERE and transport yourself through cybersapace and take a butchers hook. What you will have to realise, of course, is that it is very much a work-in-progress-novel. So please don't expect a polished and finished masterpiece - 'cos it 'ain't...
Do you want to know something serious? Only joking, but I do have a link here to a Serious Thing, it is in fact the title of a little number by Misty's Big Adventure and Grandmaster Gareth who stars in this video is one of the famous people who shares my birthday - you-can-clink-the-link to Grandmaster Gareth in my sidebar. Oh yeah, Misty's is my/our fave/fab Birmingham band and even I - who hates going out of the house thesedays - have been to see them a couple of times in Manchester. Erotic Volvo at al. (EV is the mad dancer by the way).

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