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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Hottest Day..

It's been one of those hot and muggy sort of days today, I feel sticky, even now at this late hour. It's almost midnight here and yet it's still very hot. We had a little rain about seven thirty but it didn't last for long and it was a kind of hot water rain, not the cold heavy stuff we're used to in Manchester. Well, that was the weather report and I only mention it (the weather) because last week on blogs elsewhere I was complaining about the abundance of rain and lack of sunshine in this neck of the woods.
Have you had a butchers hook yet? If you don't know what I'm rabbiting on about, I'll explain. Space Invaders! is my-work-in-progress-novel that I'm actually writing warts an' all Online. You can clink-the-link Here. Now I'm not saying it's the greatest thing since sliced whatsit, or anything like that. I'm not asking you or begging you to buy the book. It is in fact absolutely free for anyone to read (if they want to). Anyhow, all I'm asking is have you had a look yet? If you do venture over to Space Invaders! please remember that this Online version is only a rough first draft and that the final publication might well be very different (improved, hopefully!).
A BIG Happy Birthday to my nephew Toby! Hi Toby, I guess you think I've forgotten your birthday, well I haven't but yes I did forget to send the card on time, you should get it in the morning, only a couple of days late! So, Happy, Happy Birthday Toby! I trust you had a great day and all the very best wishes for this next year, writes Uncle Andy.
Phew! It's one of those weeks where everybody seems to be having a birthday.


  1. must have had some cold winters to have all those babies in the mom use to say that at spring and summer birthdays ;p
    i`m not into space invaders but I skimmed and from this uneducated, uninterested perspective, it`s pretty cool ;) I am impressed that you`ve been dedicated enough to pull it off. I always say I`m going to write that book...
    someday....what you got done already is pretty impressive.
    I`m going to miss WI too...all good things must come to end :(

  2. Hi Just Jen, thanks for the comments, yeah I'm trying to complete Space Invaders! come what may. As for WI, hopefully it will be back in September..