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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shout it out!

Okay, I bet you never thought you'd see it on my page but Yes Please! I want the con-gestion charge, not only in Manchester and London but Bristol and Birmingham and Glasgow and every other town and city in the UK too. I want it in every village and hamlet on this Island, in fact I want it in every place that I'm ever likely to go. 'You've changed your tune,' I can almost hear you say. Oh no I haven't, I reply. You see, when I say that I want the con-gestion charge, I mean that I want the local councils and the powers that be to pay ME! Every time I'm stuck in traffic, every time I'm held up or delayed wherever and whenever that may be. You see it is my firm belief that if the road signing and the traffic flow was improved, then there wouldn't be any need for this nasty con-gestion charge at all.
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  1. Wouldn't that be something - if they'd pay us compensation for not building enough infrastructure whenever we're stuck in traffic! I like the way you think.

  2. Thanks for visiting Proper Joe's. Yeah, it's a simple solution that will remain an illusion, I guess!

  3. you should be in charge of traffic and solve the problems!!! My hubby is studying to be a transportation engineer and on a much much smaller scale, he studies exactly what you are talking about :D

  4. Hi Just Jen, Thanks for your input, I'd love to do something along those lines.
    National traffic director/inspector perhaps.. only joking.