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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Which way now?

This is my first digital photo and guess what? I didn't actually take it. I was present when it was shot and I did help frame it but I didn't actually press the blooming button and it wasn't my camera. No, all credit must go to Nic's mum Pat Batty. The photo is of course one of the fancy chimneys at Bramhall Hall.
We went to Bramhall Park recently, where we had a light lunch in the yard outside the cafe. As it was such a pleasant day we then went for a stroll around the Hall and gardens. This was when we/she took the photo of the chimney. There are some very nice places to walk in the park and it is well worth a visit, especially if you like watery things as a stream called Lady Brook, complete with weirs, runs right through this park.
In my version of the Manchester A-Z (2002 De Luxe) The grid reference is 4F page 151 photo copyright (c) Pat Batty 2oo8

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