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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three Word Wednesday CCLX

Written for and posted to 3WW
The words this week are:
Cherish, Guarantee, and Nausea.

Here's mine:

Poetic Flash Fiction in 51 Syllables.

Dave told Dawn that there was no guarantee that she wouldn't get sea sick. 
Although the 'trip to cherish' was up the canal, it was on a ship. 
Leaving at ten, Dawn's nausea had gone by the time they reached the 'pool.


  1. I once went across the 4 hour ferry from Dover to Calais. Fine going, felt so claustrophobic coming back and it was a bit rougher too, I felt like jumping off. LOL

  2. Sea sickness can certainly take the gloss off of what would otherwise be a great vacation. On my last vacation, everyone took tons of medicine for it, and the seas were never all that rough. We just tended to hit the waves hard right at bed time.

  3. I though only my mother could go queasy at crossing a river by ferry. Perhaps Dawn was of the same breed getting nausea on a flat water canal. Loved visualising her distress!

  4. The most seasick I got was crossing from Maine to Nova Scotia. I think my problem was drinking coffee enroute!

  5. Never stepped on a ship before but yeah have been sick because of claustrophobia.

  6. wonderful the way you tell this story.

  7. I remember holding it well even in the roughest weather on the high seas with all that tossing and rolling and pitching!!.....but it makes me sick to travel in a car or bus over a certain distance!
    Nice one!!