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Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Posted to Monday Poetry Train Revisited

I wrote this about a year ago and originally posted it on my SweetTalkingGuy blog.

They said I’ve got to write a sestina
I said my name is Andy Sewina
Would you like a bite of my banana
How long till you get some new pyjama
Is that a felt hat or a fedora
Did you sail into the new marina

I once met a mermaid called Marina
I thought I’d tell you in this sestina
That I always wear an old fedora
She said is your name Andy Sewina
Lemontina do you wear pyjama
Oh but please please don’t drive me banana

Joey likes to eat yellow banana
When he pedalo to the marina
Everybody loves his blue pyjama
When he goes siesta with sestina
He dreams that he is Andy Sewina
Wearing a big coat and a fedora

You really can’t ignore a fedora
Even a squishy squashy banana
Won’t make you into Andy Sewina
So don’t go try to swim the marina
Who said it’s complicated sestina
It’s so easy peasey in pyjama

Do the drama school supply pyjama
I’ll bring a pair under my fedora
It’s time for us to sing my sestina
Ba ba ba bana bana banana
Ma ma ma mamma ma ma marina
Yeah lemontina Andy Sewina

Dance like fiesta Andy Sewina
Do Sucu sucu Cuba pyjama
Discotina down to the marina
Don’t forget to don your old fedora
Ba ba ba bana bana banana
Singer ringer dinger my sestina

Dreamer dreamer sestina pyjama
Andy Sewina with his fedora
Slip don’t trip banana skin marina

Don't you know? It's never too late to take The NaiSaiKu Challenge?
At The American Sandwich game.. the prompt sentence is:   
Don't maul me man, cried the tea leaf, as he dipped the mall guard's sky rocket. ~ What will YOU write?


  1. Without a doubt, the most entertaining sestina I've ever read. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Madeline, you're too kind...

  3. INSPIRED! Laugh out loud with no abbreviation!

    PS: I'm going to comment through google, but there's a name URL field that seems to be missing from your drop down.

  4. Thanks Richard, I can see the 'add comment' button on your site now, but it's still not clickable. Los Dos Viejos was a wonderful read, and I do hope you have publishing plans for it.

  5. This was great my friend. Inspired by you I now go to your Pub page. Have one pint on me my dear.


  6. Thanks Melanie, or should that be Cheers!

  7. why is pyjama singular?
    if that a British thing?
    in America it is always plural,
    mine and sombody elses.
    oh, scratch that last part.

  8. Hi Jack, I could tell you what the Online Chambers dictionary told me, and that is that the word pyjama means loose fitting trousers as worn in the east. Which comes from the 19th century Persian and Hindi word Payjamah which comes from pay = leg, and jamah = clothing. On the other hand I could tell you that it's simply poetic license.