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Monday, February 22, 2010


This is a story about a kitty 
alley cat, that everyone calls smelly 
she lives in a junk yard broken telly 
by Mother Macs in Back Piccadilly 
she needs a human to scratch her belly 
and to feed her cat food set in jelly.

           Of course it doesn’t have to be jelly  
She likes chocolate does little miss kitty
         And a lump of cheese to fill her belly 
Cause it’s not her fault that she’s so smelly 
It’s the junk they sling in Piccadilly 
Where she sleeps in that broken old telly.

          But she likes it in her cosy telly 
As long as she gets to eat her jelly 
There’s plenty of scraps in Piccadilly 
But not the sort that would suit a Kitty 
Take-Away litter and sick so smelly 
Not the Carry-Out for her thin belly

       Feed her don’t tease her and scratch her belly 
And take a new cushion for her telly 
The one she’s got now is really Smelly 
And don’t forget she likes cat food jelly 
And that she answers to Cat not Kitty 
Next time you see her in Piccadilly

        If you’re a long way from Piccadilly 
But you’ve got spare food to fill her Belly 
You can mail her some addressed to Kitty 
The one called Cat that lives in the telly 
She’s the one that loves to eat some jelly 
The scrawny tabby that’s very Smelly

          I know you don’t like her oh so smelly  
But that’s just life in Back Piccadilly 
You could take a jar of squishy jelly 
And massage it on to her thin Belly 
take a winter blanket for her telly 
make a scrawny mog a pretty kitty.

Kitty alley cat from Piccadilly
Smelly and scrawny tabby thin belly
Telly that she sleeps in, eats some jelly.
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  1. If you want to see a picture of Piccadilly Manchester, Mother Macs Pub, and the Back Piccadilly cat - there's loads of images on Google!

  2. Vivid images of the area flashed through my mind as I read.

  3. I think your poem is vivid enough. Loved the twists while repeating and mixing the text.

  4. a tongue twister i'd say . thanks for sharing. and
    Thanks Andy and thanks for stopping by "This Blog Of Mine" leaving your comments as you do I enjoy them tremendously.

    Thanks Andy and thanks for stopping by "This Blog Of Mine" leaving your comments as you do I enjoy them tremendously .

  5. Clever sestina! I can picture that poor thing!

  6. A classical form for a classic cat. I laughed out loud, I did.