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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nearly Crimbo!!!

Apologies to all six of my regular readers, I could concoct a shedful of excuses why I haven't been posting to this bloggage regularly. But well, I'm sorry! On a more positive note I would however, like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and New Year! I'm saying this now because I will be away for the festive period and I doubt very much whether I will have access to a computer that is linked to the web. So, Happy Crimbo!
I think that most people know that Liverpool is the European City of Culture this year and that for them it has been a very successful time. We've been over a few times for different things, Nic goes to a place at Old Swan to see a Homeopath and we went to Crosby one afternoon to see the Amazing Gormley's and a couple of weeks ago we went to the new arena next to Albert Dock to see Echo and The Bunnymen. Anyway, congratulations Liverpool! Oh yes, and tonight in Manchester at the Apollo Theatre we went to see The Beatles! Phew, nearly got you going then, didn't I? What I meant to say was that we went to see The bootleg Beatles tonight!
I hate all this nonsense about the con-gestion charge in Manchester and I'm glad it's all over. The people have spoken and over a million of them returned their ballot forms with a big NO! vote. So, that's that then! The voice of common sense has won. Like I said all along, we don't have any traffic con-gestion in Manchester, all we have is a few blocked arteries and I'm still waiting for the council to contact me so I can tell them how to solve this problem once and for all.
There is a NEW MAGAZINE! Online and it's called Hive Magazine you can check it out HERE it's pretty much all about Manchester so I know you'll love it. Also, don't forget to check my latest poems at: SweetTalkingGuy you can clink-the-link-here if you like. Finally, finally Nicola Batty's Newsletter Raw Meat is now Online with issue ninety-nine at:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008