Proper Followers

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Like those advert guys.

I want to fly not drop out of the sky
High up from an aeroplane or mountain
Fountain upon fountain of youth reclaimed
Meditating contemplating something

Ringing in my ears tears on my boat race
Facing up to the fact that I can’t fly
Fly me to the moon no not me not I
Why can’t I just fly like those advert guys?

Wise up tie me to the end of your string
Fling me up in the air behind your Bentley
Gently enough for me to fly but not too far
Park in the lay-by and float my boat slowly


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The mother of invention...

Old vine moonshine new wine speak to my heart
My heart aches for the plans that we made
Made in England in the good old days
Ways that were wise once in another world

Other world charm we had it in spades
Fades into oblivion like the lights
The lights that stayed so bright for so long
Longing for a past that cannot return

Gurning like a fool outside the pub
The public face that still thinks that it’s cute
Cute as a cucumber cut into bits
Bits and pieces freeze on the candelabra

Brass monkeys wouldn’t be seen dead out there
Here we go the mother of invention…


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Pudding crazy...

I saw her in the woods
but she didn’t wanna talk
she was much too busy to go for a walk
she was eating ice cream with a fork

She was really really really
really busy don’t you know
sitting there eating ice cream in the snow

Rats I got tennis bats for shoes
and a one string guitar to pluck the blues
I asked her to play
just for something to say

She said no way mate
I’m much to busy
to go out on a date

I said where do you get
your ice cream from

She said I get ripe bananas
from the Banana Factory
and I bung ‘em in the freezer
and I whiz ‘em up you see
then I sit here eating them
the whole of the day long

I said you’re pudding crazy
but you’re in my song