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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twiddle de de..

Don't you just hate buses! Only when they don't run on time or when they refuse to let you on. Not the buses of course but the bus drivers. We waited for an hour to get the last possible bus to the airport in Tenerife the other week. The nice lady in the bus station office at Los Cristianos had already reassured us in three languages that the airport bus was accessible for Ziggy (Nic's wheelchair) but when the bus arrived it was an ordinary green thingy with narrow steps at the front and there was no way that Ziggy could get on board. "Manyana" said the driver and started to close the sliding doors. "Hold on a mo' " I said, shoving two big bags on the front seat, "I'll have to leave her here, I've got a 'plane to catch!" The Spanish bus driver didn't know what to do, he just sat there revving the bus up impatiently. Luckily there were some old school Brits on board who came to our rescue, as I hauled Nic up the steps and plonked her in the front seat they helped fold Ziggy up and stash him in the luggage compartment underneath. We finally reached the airport with twenty minutes to spare.

I'm too angry to talk about
buses, when I'm fussed.
I wait aways and sometimes
but not often, one appears.
Most times I start to walk
the mile or so. And between
stops, after a while, one
whistles by.
At the next stop, I always
sit or lie, or queue in endless
stance, under a rain filled sky.
That's why I'm too angry
to talk about buses
when I'm fussed..

Billy not silly
don't want bus
to Piccadilly
Billy stand
here waiting
like a Roger Hunt
Billy don't know
the Ali McGraw
No wonder
Salford bus shelters
get smashed
to Daffy Duck
What about the punters
no-one cares
about the poor
Maggie's innovation
bus deregulation
She has got
a lot to answer for...

Buses are barmy
in hot and balmy weather
in hot and balmy weather
buses are barmy

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rack & Ruin...

Being out in the sun for too long can be a bad thing, or so they tell me. My head is peeling right now after a recent visit to warmer parts. You walk around in the midday heat like a mad dog, perhaps and then wonder why you get so burned. I for one was fascinated by the sun. It seemed so close after a long Manchester winter, I kept looking towards it trying desperately not to stare at it directly. Was it really any closer to us here than it was at home? It certainly looked as if it was to me and the warmth in fact extreme heat seemed to confirm this very fact for me. I was amazed at how yellow the sun appeared to be in The Canary Islands.
Here's mine:
Red rag
Yellow sun
Yellow sun
Red rag

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Harder They Come...

Nicola is planning a 'round the world trip', not because she's got loads of money to waste, she hasn't. But because she's entering a competition where the prize is five thousand smackeroonio's to enable her and her helper to travel. She's got to win it first of cause, but she still told me today that she's going to the Island near Tahiti where Paul Gauguin died.

The striker was right
left back in the changing rooms:

The striker was right
left back in the changing rooms:
left back in the changing rooms
the striker was right

left back in the changing rooms:
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