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Thursday, April 28, 2022



Napowrimo 2022 DAY #28

& Andy's 150 Word Daily Nonsense Challenge


Cue camera action stop get back start again there's more celluloid on the cutting room floor than loaded up to this film we're going to go digital if we waste any more and the profits will be cut by half or even more but none of these things will matter much if we can't overcome the war on need the war on greed the war that's banging down our door if we can't afford the fuel to run the vehicles we have and the cooking and heating appliances in our homes what will we do how will we cook the food that we can ill afford how will we heat just one room in our abode how will we find work when millions are on the dole when we don't have the right skills to fulfil the needs of the major employers and what happens when those same companies fold


Friday, April 08, 2022


Napowrimo 2022 DAY #8

& Andy's 150 Word Daily Nonsense Challenge


Like fireflies they dart about

the motorbikes and tricycles

lighting up the dark

the Jeepney's of course are not running yet

after the Chinese infusion Asian flu it's not

world wide pandemic phew get a vaccine or two and a booster

when they tell you to don't step out of line and you'll be fine

but whose counting any more wear a mask to shop at the store

one each for your cats and dogs too on public transport

but kids under twelve can still go skat free

helter skelter we all fall down

sideways sometimes

but life goes on regardless

although it's good to reminisce

to say you were there on this occasion or that

it doesn't really matter if you missed it

you weren't the only one

so long as someone was there

to share and witness that great match

made in heaven where two became one flesh


Thursday, April 07, 2022



Napowrimo 2022 DAY #7

& Andy's 150 Word Daily Nonsense Challenge

Here's mine:


She thought a tonne of concrete

was heavier than a tonne of feathers

how she worked that one out I don't know

but work it out she did and forwarded it

to the board of submissions for a grant to study

for an MA in the field of intelligence and security

at one of the Ivy League Universities

of course there wasn't really such a course available

if there had been she almost definitely

wouldn't have been accepted and as for the grant

that too was a virtual non starter however as a point

of fairness and with the backing of the anti discrimination laws

in that country she was granted an interview regardless

On arrival at the college the chancellor sent one of his quislings

out to the parking lot to make a thorough investigation of the

candidates vehicle her car was a total mess

which disqualified her immediately


Tuesday, April 05, 2022



Napowrimo 2022 DAY #5 & Andy's 150 Word Daily Nonsense Challenge

Here's mine:


We don't pay cash

dollars or roubles

for anything these days

everything is trade only and that means

barter to those that are in the know

you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

if you know the lingo or even if you don't

the bottom line is I do this for you

you do that for me or we can step it up a bit and

introduce something like the Local Exchange Trading System

or the tool and car sharing programmes better still

we could start a community food exchange cooperative

and get all our supermarket needs and wants at no charge

what about dentistry and doctoring and free haircuts for all

you shave my bonce and I'll cut your thatch

pick and mix at the buckshee gobstopper stall

rooms without rent bed and breakfast at no expense

or beer and wine by the bucketful for the chosen few


Monday, April 04, 2022

Gluten free...


Andy's 150 word daily nonsense challenge

Here's mine:



It's not the rain

or the rice

it's the sticky rain

if anything that kills it

the rain that comes down

bounces off the ground

jumps back up and sticks

like wallpaper paste to your clothes

gluten free it's not

unless it's rice that's falling out of the trees

and sticking you up like a highway robber

which makes me wonder if Robin Hood

and his merry men were merry as in as high as a kite

or if they were simply a bunch of happy chappies

especially when they were filching all those sacks of gold

that you carried stashed in the false bottom of your farmyard cart

anyway that was back in those days and these days it's something 

different we call it currency or paper money

that is of course if you haven't gone cashless

paying for everything by chip and pin

or with a contactless card


Friday, April 01, 2022

Get rich quick...


Andy's 150 word daily nonsense challenge

Here's mine:


Talking nonsense gibberish and such and such who knows which way is up don't hang around they haven't finished with you yet the gets they want to make you buy their get rich quick scam they tell you you can sell it on to make some dough and they already know that three percent of readers will enquire and one of them will buy the dodgy lie but don't invest you'll get a better return in a no interest savings account instead start a new plan think up a new way dream a different dream to what the punters say I wanna buy a mini bus to take the family out in the second highest priced market for used cars they drive on the left side of the truck of course but I guess that that is par for the course talking nonsense gibberish and such and such who knows