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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tuesday..

Wings, flying things
made from bits of five-pointed stars
They're everywhere in the universe,
the multi-verse and beyond
You only have to look upwards
and check out the night sky
Pentagonals, pyramidicals,
triangulation gone sideways
Seven seems to be the numeric
out there with spacey stuff
We can't get enough
we're as mad as the loonyverse.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carry On Tuesday July 12th

Your prompt for Tuesday July 12th
This week, we have the first line of Oliver Wendell Holmes poem Contentment
Little I ask, my wants are few
To read this beautiful poem visit Carry On Tuesday Plus 

Here's my offering:

Little I ask, my wants are few 
and nobody knows the answer 
wherever I go, I'll never know 
and you'll follow me for a shilling
and the cow bells will ring - sing sing 
dingaling-ding, ding ding, do-de-do 
don't you know it's true, whistle whistle  
Little I ask, my wants are few
and phew, who can tell the answer
wherever I go, I'll never know
even if ever you were willing
and the Bow bells will ring - sing sing
dingaling-ding, ding ding, dum-de-do
in rhyming slang twang, for you - whit whit...