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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Covert

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt: Covert


Sandy eye candy, she’s virtually mine

She’s cool as can be I met her Online

Sandy eye candy covert friend of mine

She writes the rhythm and I do the rhyme

Sandy eye candy, her words taste like wine

Urdu or Haiku her language sublime

Sandy eye candy we chat all the time

She knows I love her, I think she’s divine

Sandy eye candy when will she be mine

She reads my letters, one line at a time

Sandy eye candy, is love such a crime

Each time I 'see' her, she makes me feel fine

Sandy eye candy, I met her Online

She’s cool as can be she’s virtually mine!


It's time for you to taste the American Sandwich game

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your Future Looks Bleak..

Written for 3WW the words this week are:
timid, dreary and embrace
Posted to MondayPoetryTrainRevisited
and The NaisaiKu Challenge?

Here's mines:

timid looks
handshake no embrace
dreary you

timid looks
handshake no embrace
dreary you
dreary you
handshake no embrace
timid looks

Carry On Tuesday #2 & Totally Optional Prompts

Written for Carry On Tuesday #2
prompted at and posted to Totally Optional Prompts

everyone suddenly burst out singing
and I was filled with such delight,
oh yeah, oh what
a joyful song,
it was to bring
to the table,
who would have dreamed to dare it was only
last night that I saw you in my sleep,
walking towards me naked
I heard your scream,
I felt your nightmare too
I relived your dream, yeah
and yet, now here you are,
as bold as brass
and uplifting everyone
who knows you
with this new song
der der
der der
you sang, and I was filled with the new light
my cup is overflowing now, with glee

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Carry On Tuesday #1

This week the prompt at Carry on Tuesday is the
opening lines of A Walk After Dark by W. H. Auden

Here's mine:



cloudless night

like this can set the

spirit soaring, up up up to

the man in the moon, they call

him loony tuney, he’s pushing up daisies

and we’ll all be joining him soon.

I saw him ‘the smorning’ poking

the ground with a twig.

I said, what are you

smokin’ man?

strokin’ the




and he replied, I’m searching for

moon dust, it falls before

morning, and I’m hoping

it’ll stick to this ‘ere

honey dipper and

sparkle like gold

to ward off

the cold.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall...

As many of you know, I've been experimenting with a little poetry form that I first dubbed the Cycliku, (the way I described it at the time, because of its cyclical nature). The Cycliku, soon became known as the NaiSaiKu, and I now run a little weekly challenge site, where people can post their own NaiSaiKu style poems.
Another project that I have started is called The American Sandwich game, which is flash fiction in 51 syllables. The idea is for you to write a piece of flash fiction, using just three Allen Ginsberg style American sentences.
Coincidentally, I have just found out about Marc Lathom's site, Folding Mirror Poetry. He has some good poems for you to check out. Marc's version of this mirror image poetry uses an exact word count as opposed to a syllable count in the NaiSaiKu.
Many of you will be familiar with Paul McCann's Mirror Loop Poetry he truly is the master of this form and the palindromic structure he uses, is in my mind unbeatable.
Here's one that I wrote earlier, as they say. The only thing I've changed is that I have now inserted THE TITLE in the centre, as opposed to the top where it originally was.
You can also find the original version of this poem on my pub poetry archive blog: StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweetTalkingGuy..

No accident of fate or chance
We planned our dreams we chose romance
I planned to meet you in my mind
You chose to be there too
I wear denims you wore jeans
I like to disco you love to dance
You like to disco I love to dance
I wore denims you wear jeans
You chose to be there too
You planned to meet me in your mind
We planned our dreams and that's romance
No accident of fate or chance
Posted to TotallyOptionalPrompts
The prompt this week is: Opposites

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Word Wednesday CVXXXIII

Written out of the top of my head for 3WW
the given words this week were:
efficient, optimize and treacherous.

Here's mine:


concave plastic notel open both ends

the honeymoon suite for my poetry friends

efficient as a mobile home that rolls

rocks when the drunk kicks it on his way past

hums when some bum sicks up all over it

and this is home to the best poet I know

and he has holes in the soles of his shoes

and wears musty and old hand me down clothes

and he lives in a plastic pipe that rolls

he and his princess the poetess goddess

they scrawl their poetry on the concave walls

in a shared red and blue blood mixed with love

propped up against the square peg plywood door

they optimise their day writing poetry

newsprint curtains blankets street sheets scream same

the best poet in the world and his princess

the treacherous candle burning both ends

they can only dream about a hot bath

the only shower they get is the rain

out there alone but not lonely white cold


Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #28

Written for MPTR - You can post here too!


She loves me, she loves me not, so I must be barking

up the wrong tree. Where did I go wrong, I wrestle

with love, I whistle into the wind? I hang out in the

poetry garden, alone with my thoughts once again.


An American Sandwich, it's time for you to take a bite...


Hot spice with no rice

noughty as a round number

thick as cucumber


thick as cucumber

naughty as a wrong number

hot spice is so nice


It's never too late to take The NaiSaiKu Challenge?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Read Write Poem #74 Hyperlink your poetry

Written for the readwritepoem prompt

Hyperlink your poetry RWP #74


You click your fingers

One two three geronimo

Don’t you know,

Then like this you blow a kiss

Love me till the bubble bursts

When you clink~my~links

You think that I’m a Genie

How I know you know

I can make your dreams come true

For your wish is my command

Love seems like a game

Then one day I ask your name

You say just plain Jane

You can read between the lines

You can always read my mind

You’re my princess Jane

I’m like putty in your hands

Meeting of the minds

If you like this you'll love this and people who played this did this one too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three Word Wednesday CXXXVII

Written for and inspired by 3WW
and posted to The American Sandwich
and The NaiSaiKu Challenge?

The words this week at Three Word Wednesday
are: bicker, nervous, and trajectory.

Here's mine:


The impervious biker looks in his directory and thinks that. ‘Forty Second Street and Broadway is no place to hang out, I don’t doubt.’ More ‘nervous bicker’, than ‘the trajectory of a speeding bullet.’


Bicker, shoe licker

the Trajectory street clown

goes down nervous town



Town nervous down goes

Clown street shoe trajectory

Liquor the bicker


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Something

Poem under construction - please come back later >>>>

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Three Word Wednesday CXXXVI

Written for and inspired by 3WW
the three words this week are:

Here's mine:

An American Sentence:

Don't malign flash fiction, cryptic as a crossword, it's not half Sci-fi.

The American Sandwich game:


Locking the cell door, the Desk Sargeant had a flash of inspiration.
'It wasn't buried in the crypt, it was in the cryptic crossword clues'.
"The Joker is trying to malign us," he told the Chief of Police.

The NaiSaiKu Challenge?

Cryptic tryst
flash the dead monkey
the dead monkey tryst
cryptic flash

Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Written for Monday Poetry Train Revisited
and posted to The American Sandwich game

Write a piece of flash fiction in just three American Sentences.
Allen Ginsberg's American Sentence has seventeen syllables.
Your task is to use as few words as possible to fill the sandwich.

Here's mine:

Mummy makes us, strawberry jelly, and, chocolate peanut butter. Toasts saffron cake with banana, clotted cream, and chocolate sprinkles. But, Mummy goes to Diet Deli, for the all day, Salad De-lite. 040509

Vinda Vindaloo
Little hot spice how I love you
Lancashire Hotpot