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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall...

As many of you know, I've been experimenting with a little poetry form that I first dubbed the Cycliku, (the way I described it at the time, because of its cyclical nature). The Cycliku, soon became known as the NaiSaiKu, and I now run a little weekly challenge site, where people can post their own NaiSaiKu style poems.
Another project that I have started is called The American Sandwich game, which is flash fiction in 51 syllables. The idea is for you to write a piece of flash fiction, using just three Allen Ginsberg style American sentences.
Coincidentally, I have just found out about Marc Lathom's site, Folding Mirror Poetry. He has some good poems for you to check out. Marc's version of this mirror image poetry uses an exact word count as opposed to a syllable count in the NaiSaiKu.
Many of you will be familiar with Paul McCann's Mirror Loop Poetry he truly is the master of this form and the palindromic structure he uses, is in my mind unbeatable.
Here's one that I wrote earlier, as they say. The only thing I've changed is that I have now inserted THE TITLE in the centre, as opposed to the top where it originally was.
You can also find the original version of this poem on my pub poetry archive blog: StraightTalkingStreetTalkingSweetTalkingGuy..

No accident of fate or chance
We planned our dreams we chose romance
I planned to meet you in my mind
You chose to be there too
I wear denims you wore jeans
I like to disco you love to dance
You like to disco I love to dance
I wore denims you wear jeans
You chose to be there too
You planned to meet me in your mind
We planned our dreams and that's romance
No accident of fate or chance
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The prompt this week is: Opposites


  1. Thanks for the mention Andy, and nice poem.

  2. Another good one. I wonder if we can go on to the Naisaikunovella. Now there's a challenge.

  3. Like it. Both of yu complement each other.

    I remember doing something like this form sometime back on your behest.

    I have slacked a bit on recapturing structured poetry and learning new ones. I ought give free verse a rest.

  4. Good post - you explain a lot - this requires a solid bookmark for future 'counting'. Special and fun writing!