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Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Written for Monday Poetry Train Revisited
and posted to The American Sandwich game

Write a piece of flash fiction in just three American Sentences.
Allen Ginsberg's American Sentence has seventeen syllables.
Your task is to use as few words as possible to fill the sandwich.

Here's mine:

Mummy makes us, strawberry jelly, and, chocolate peanut butter. Toasts saffron cake with banana, clotted cream, and chocolate sprinkles. But, Mummy goes to Diet Deli, for the all day, Salad De-lite. 040509

Vinda Vindaloo
Little hot spice how I love you
Lancashire Hotpot


  1. LOL. So true, isn't it. We feed the kiddies anything while trying to eat better ourselves. Well done. Have a nice night.

  2. Can I borrow your mom? Mine does not feed me icecreams!

    BTW, I have never had Vindaloo, It is not as popular in India as most think.


  3. And I also like your blog title, whatever it means!

  4. These were great - especially the humour in the last line of the haiku.

  5. 'Little hot spice how I love you' - LOL!

  6. Plenty of goodies on this menu - or is it all the filling of an American Sandwich?

  7. Thanks, Michelle!

    Hi Gautami, I was trying to speak metaphorically, maybe I was trying to be too clever. The first line is the recipient, the third line is the name of the sender, the middle line I'll leave for YOU to interpret.

  8. Thanks Tony, it was my attempt at Senryu!

    Thanks Julia, I think I nicked that one from 'little brown jug'.

    Hi Stan, welcome to this little bit of bohemia, you've given me an idea there, we could put up a Haiku and ask people to turn it into a sandwich, phew!

  9. Sorry you're closing down SweetTalkingGuy. I shall catch ypu here, you will not escape!

  10. Interesting word choice, really enjoyed the poem.

  11. Thanks Jeeves, :D

    Hi Dave, thanks for finding me here, I'm on my way over to your pics and poems, right now!

    Thanks Adell!

  12. My kids wish I fed them that way. Haha. Another delicious offering!

  13. Oh, I can interpret it rather well. But at times one has to play dunce!