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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Read Write Poem #74 Hyperlink your poetry

Written for the readwritepoem prompt

Hyperlink your poetry RWP #74


You click your fingers

One two three geronimo

Don’t you know,

Then like this you blow a kiss

Love me till the bubble bursts

When you clink~my~links

You think that I’m a Genie

How I know you know

I can make your dreams come true

For your wish is my command

Love seems like a game

Then one day I ask your name

You say just plain Jane

You can read between the lines

You can always read my mind

You’re my princess Jane

I’m like putty in your hands

Meeting of the minds

If you like this you'll love this and people who played this did this one too.


  1. this is very interesting...for me who knows nothing about hyperlinks etc...but the words are nice written

  2. It goes across, comes down, again up, zig-zag. It is written just the way love is. Without any order but with much sense for the one it is meant for and with much wonder and beauty.

    Hope it makes sense.

    hyperlinked ranting

  3. Great poem on ur new site.I've a new one...pls drop by.

  4. Awesome poem. Why did you hyperlink?

  5. Thanks Wayne, I've posted some info over on your blog!

    Hi Gautami, you have amazing insight!

    Thanks Deeptesh, I'll drop by!!

    Hi Lluvia, I wrote this for the RWP prompt site, the prompt this week was 'Hyperlink your Poetry'.

  6. I enjoyed this. I would like to hear it read out loud.


  7. Hi Nicole, I'd love to read it to you, too!