Proper Followers

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Artistic as art deco

Devastated by it all
Waiting for it to happen
It’s unreal
My friends all look like old men
They look the way that I feel

Football for gladiators
More than an arena game
Score or die
The moon on a lolly stick
Stuck waiting for the cheese man
To come home

Dripping like honey
Begging for the biggest half
Cereal killers
My premeditated sin
The hellishness of Hades
God save me

Last day of January
Cold but not really too cold
Could be snow
Pointless as eyeless needles
You really have been stitched up

Artistic as art deco
Waterboarding in Cuba
Dodge Sedan
The night that the roof fell in
Coincided with the blitz
On London

His personal soup kitchen
Eating for Australia
Down under
Constructing with plastic bricks
The Lego camper van man
Went camping

Burnt by the rub of the green
The ball ends up in the rough
And tumbles
Happy to talk to herself
She sits around chunnering
About things

There is a message for you
You chose to be here with me
Leave it for they can’t take it
We need to make it easy
For the few

Alcohol and drugs don’t mix
Why upset the apple cart
Wintering in Tenerife
Snow atop of Mount Teide
Hit the beach

She waits for that special star
Hanging behind the dark cloud
And follows
If nothing lasts for ever
Why is forever nothing
Mind bending

Straight as a broken arrow
Flying in the midday sun
On target
If you’re in you’re in too deep
Suddenly it’s much too late
To retreat