Proper Followers

Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm stuck in the mist of time
sitting on a pile of discarded discs
on a desert island in the midst of the myth.
The wind-up gramophone is getting on my bone
and I'm wishing that things could be fine. When the
bell on my fishing line rings and I reel-in a bottle of wine.
I un-cork it and it talks to me. It's a message in a bottle from home.
Come back to the UK, all is forgiven, today's a new day... it starts to say.
But I can't go any place. I ain't got a ticket for an aeroplane, I ain't got the fare
for the train and there ain't no bus I can take for free. I got no credit on my dog an'
bone, ain't got no candy for the wall pay phone. Unless I can find a Girl Friday
with a cell phone charged that can call for me. Then I'm stuck up the creek
without a paddle for my canoe. What can I do? For the record:
I'm stuck in the mist of time - with HMV!
Barking up the palm-tree...
I might as well be
a zillion miles
from home.


  1. I really like the physical 'concrete' shape of your poem on the page.

    And this line...
    "I got no credit on my dog an'bone, ain't got no candy for the wall pay phone." ...I really liked its rhythm and internal rhyme.

    Nice job!

  2. You've packed a lot of punch into this fun read. LOVE the way you've shaped the lines, adding to the words. Nicely done!

  3. Thanks Geraldine, and well done for finding this post...