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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Word Wednesday CLXXVII

Written for 3WW
The words this week are:
Occur, Ragged, and Tidy.

Here's an anagram in the NaiSaiKu style:

God cured City rag
could be an anagram of
which is an anagram of
Acid drug orgy etc.
It's never too late to take The NaiSaiKu Challenge?


  1. This lead to some rather interesting anagrams.

  2. Andy,

    I'll bite.

    What the heck does "17022+10" refer to?

    I am at a bit of a loss... please elucidate.

    It is always fun to see where your mental gymnastics takes you--but those numbers baffle me.

    And, oooh, you're right. That Syllable Sestina looks fun, so good that I have to refrain--time is not in abundance these days... but I may come back to it. You do find such clever things; it is fun seeing where your brain alights each week.


  3. I want to know what the 'etc' is :-)

  4. I too want to know what the numbers are?
    i still like this.

  5. Thanks Thom, I'm enjoying the prompts.

    Hi Angel, this had me going for at least an hour.

    Hi Chris, all my poems have a date, (some people might say they're dated) 17 = today 02 = February 2+10 = 2010 and if you see /1 that is the second poem that day, and /2 would be the third etc. phew!

    Hi Tony, the etc.'s are as follows: 'DC Rude ciggy rota', and 'Dirty crude gag co'. Now if you want a really naughty one, hold on was that the door bell?

  6. I hope the first line is true - or I might have to go to the last line.
    Now you've had time to answer the door, please continue...

  7. Hi Stan, U red rag dog C City! Talking of pancake tuesday; The only tossers I saw were the lemons getting battered at Stoke! Phew, 'hold on was that the doorbell?' is an anagram of T**l Ba**s H** H** H**d T**t but don't tell anybody I told you that.

  8. Neat take on the prompt! Anagrams are fun.

  9. A lot of tidying up needs to be done when a ragged drug acid orgy occurs! Love the use of the prompts.

  10. Always a joy to read !


  11. I'm getting attached to the anagrams. What fun you web!

  12. So clever! Now tell me, do you re-letter every sign you see to find the hidden meanings?

  13. One of these days I will try a NaiSaiKu.

    I certainly enjoy reading yours!