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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Scribblings

Written for and posted to Sunday Scribblings.


The only headache that I’ve got right now is you…

You smash your thoughts into my brain

It’s rainin’ thoughts of sorts I can’t control

Inside my swede, my padded cell was never like this hell

Well every time I hear you yell it wakes me from the coma and

the coffee cup aroma of your breath makes me wanna puke all over you

what can I do?

The only headache that I’ve got right now is you…

Alchemy would be fine for turning water into wine

And every time that I write something new, you steal the tune

You play it on your radio, and I don’t know which way to go

It’s tough being a genius they tell me but hell what do they know?

Don’t call me – ’cos I won’t come running, baby I’ve got better things to do

How’s about you?

The only headache that I’ve got right now is you…

You’re a pain in my Jackson Pollack’s and beyond

There ain’t no magic stick that I can wand – please tell me that

you’re leaving in the morning, ‘cos another day like this is much too much

and such an’ such and all those clichés that you proffer like the trooper

that they all think you are. Why don’t you disappear and make me happy?

Which way to go?

The only headache that I’ve got right now is you…

You force me to surrender my best line, time after time.

And just when I think you’re leaving, you deceive me once again.

You twist everything I say, tie me in knots, lock me up and throw the key away.

And even if I think I’m doing fine you bug me and you mug me over.

So now’s the time, your chance to cheapskate sour grapes and make fine wine.


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  1. me thinks you had better stick to the morning grape and leave the vino with your neighbor.

  2. Wow - that's a lot of frustration!

  3. in vino veritas...
    exchange sour grapes for the milk of human kindness - a much tastier drink...

  4. Beer Chang can put 'people' in that kind of mood.

  5. I can hear someone singing this to electric guitar riffs and great drums. Good post!

  6. Punchy piece - great rhythm. My favourite bit - 'you're a pain in my Jackson Pollack's...'!!

  7. Hi Changnoi, so can your Aunty Nicola!!

  8. thaz very near to bukowski's rhyming...

  9. Yelling is definitely not alchemy. Your words always entertain me. I do wonder what prompted this imaginative piece besides the prompt!

    No blog connected to Google. I'm still at

  10. Hiya Gel, you sussed me out, I was writing with a friend about stress, she wrote a brilliant poem that she's having published elsewhere, and I wrote this piece about her and loosely combined it with the prompt.

  11. feels like a song to me ... a melody ran through my head as I read this! excellent :)