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Monday, January 04, 2010


Okay, so you've got loads of money and nothing to spend it on, right? Well look no further, this is your opportunity to BUY MY BOOK . You see, I've got a few of my little poetry books that I used to sell for beer money (at the different pub-poetry nights that I used to attend). The one I'm selling here, right now to YOU is called PROPER TROG and OTHER NURSERY NONSENSE and it's a little rhyming thingy that I wrote for my son, when he was a baby. It's going to cost you £2.95 post paid, if you live in the UK or £3.95 for any place else. And here's the deal - You simply send the dosh to my publisher and he'll mail you the goods by return post. But wait, there's more... Like you I don't NEED the money, but I know somebody who does, so for each book we sell I will donate the full cover price of £2.95 GBP to my fave charity MANCHESTER ATAXIA and pay any extra postage that is necessary out of my own pocket. Right, how many copies DO YOU WANT? Oh yes, my Publisher is RAWPRINTZ MANCHESTER.. and you can e-mail him at:


  1. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

    My address is:

    Somewhere in Thailand

    But seriously - I'll have a copy...

    And I'll send you what I've done - how does that sound?

  2. Hi Stan, I don't know if you remember doing it, but you did the layout for the first edition back in 1994. In fact I've got an original copy in front of me now, and on the back cover it says:
    Typeset by Stan Skibinski
    Printed by Copie copy Shoppe
    A Booklet King Publication
    Distributed by $ale Mai£

    And there are reviews from:
    Fanny Shufflebottom,
    Poetry Express,
    Marston Montgomery,
    and Wendy Naisa

    btw, did you get Nicola's Novel and screenplay 'Dry Rot'?
    I sent them from Nic's account on aol.

    What was that address again, Tied up in Somewhereland?

    Happy New Thingy!

  3. 1994...? I remember, but it wasn't that long ago...surely. do you remember our trip to Marston Montgomery?
    Got Dry Rot - thanks.
    I'll read and review.
    Happy New Year - to all at 141.

  4. Yeah, just double checked the copyright notice - 1994 is right - Jack was born in 1993, so it makes sense.

    Marston Montgomery, phew! the locals are still reading the issue of 'Space Travel for Beginners' that we left behind the bar, or was that Somersal Herbert? Then there was the trip to Stalybridge Railway Station in the buckshee Russian Rolls Royce, but thats another story, I guess.

    Looking forward to your review of DR.


  5. Let's go to Thailand and visit Stan!

    xComrade O

    PS Remind me how I can read Stan's poetry and yes, I do want at least one copy of your book but am in London for Goddaughter's birthday party and left my purse--with money and plastic--in Newcastle, or at least I hope that is where I left it! Later Dude!

  6. Hi Comrade O, I won't ask you what the O stands for, only joking Olga! Anyway Olive, to reach our Stan's Blog all you need to do is click on his name above. He's got some cool photo's on there too! So, Olya, this is how you buy my book, you simply send a cheque for £2.95 made payable to Manchester Ataxia Branch, and I will mail it to you post paid by return. Phew! Nice talking to you today!!!