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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Total Recall - Post One

The prompt at CarryOn Tuesday
is: Is that all there is?


Inside outside down under the arches
nearly fourteen in nineteen sixty nine
trying to shelter from the pouring rain
I thought I was alone until she came
I heard the telephone ring first and then
the train on the overhead railway
before I saw her step out of the booth
she was dressed to kill done up to the nines
flashing no nickers fur coat and high heels
flesh coloured tights up to her threepennies
Is that all there is? I thought to myself
Want some business Chuck?
she says spitting gum
How much do you charge love? I said for fun
Cheeky what d'yer think that yer gunner do?
I've got a son at home older than you
When she saw I was soaking wet she said
I'll tell yer what I fancy a brandy
C'mon I'll tek yuh fer 'alf a shandy
She took me to the Union Hotel.


  1. Andy Andy Andy!
    Email me the rest of what happened.

    1. Hi Whitesnake, if you click on the name of the pub at the end of the piece you'll see the house of ill repute, the girls in the picture are not waiting for the bus.

  2. Sorry if I've not got round to commenting on peoples work lately, I've been having a problem with the blogger comments box, it disappears after a few seconds, I've been using Mozilla Firefox and I've just switched over to Internet Explorer and it seems to be working again. Crazy???

  3. Haha... What an offer! LOL Shandy... hehe

  4. This is one sad poem. I liked it a lot: a short poem, but a well crafted story, and vivid, living characters.

  5. Please note that for legal reasons the clickable photograph that accompanied this post has been removed.