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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

No Nonsense...


150 word daily nonsense challenge

Here's mine:


Barking as a mummified dog what went wrong and what's going on in Egypt I think they thought that the dogs were gods when the magic carpets came years ago from Prediluvionia however things aren't like that never have been look at the jelly fish that live forever and the billionaires that are injecting themselves with jelly fish glue does it work I'll let you know in a hundred years or so do unicorns really exist and how did you hide your third eye so no one else would know Stonehenge drives me round the bend and the Ley lines under my house pull me down to the earths core metaphorically speaking I find myself searching the back garden and the forest beyond for buried treasure that the Vikings may or may not have left behind my metal detector starts buzzing but only locates jar lids and rusted tin cans


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