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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Just dreaming...


Andy's 150 word daily nonsense challenge

Here's mine:


Even the toy dogs are laughing at me now

barking mad like the rag dolls in her cupboard

that haven't seen the light of day for decades

snapping at my heels they make me feel sick inside

with worry fear and anxiety it's the not knowing

what they're going to do next that sickens me

will they pounce and if so when

Everything's up in the air except our aeroplane

they already kickstarted the propellers and revved up the engines

but we're stuck on the runway waiting to be cleared for take off

and for the right paperwork to be completed in this age of the computer

The balloon's gone up and a couple of helicopters

there's a drone or two and all those cruise missiles are flying good style

if not exactly the way nature intended certainly the way their designers

had hoped but our aeroplane is still grounded


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