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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I was thinking about forms and formulas just now and how some people seem to have a formula for everything. Take cooking for instance, they have a recipe book and they stick to the recipe and bingo, no balderdashery they get a perfect plated meal. But surely life in general isn't that simple, is it? I mean you can't have a formula for everything, can you?
I was looking at side awnings again for our van, I'm itching to get away camping, but I don't want to take the big trailer tent, I just want a side awning to give us a bit of extra space. But try as I might I just can't seem to find anything suitable in this neck of the woods. I found one on the Internet last year and then couldn't get it 'cos they were out of stock for weeks. I'll have to take another 'butcher's' as the camping season is approaching fast!!!
Here's mine:
Five points
points five

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  1. ..this might sound like criticism andy but it seems like u've been lazy here and taken a short-cut_

    but what about .."i unravel time"

    did u not write that-that sounds good..

  2. Hi Zoya, there are no short cuts, you're right of course, it only took me one minute to write (and thirty years of experience)...
    Consider this:
    You plant five seeds and wait for them to grow/ After many many years of toil/ The tree begins to bear a little fruit/ You take the first apple from the tree/ The fruit tastes oh so sweet, so good to eat/ Every season there's a little more fruit/ you slice the apples to make a pie/ You crush and squeeze them to make a drink/ And after many more years - one day/ You cut the apple the other way/ Then for the first time you see the Five points/ Pentagram, One Star, Points five, perhaps not.

  3. hi andy,
    please trust me when i say that there was/is no motive to try and belittle ur work in that cmnt.i breed no intentions to diminish anyone,leave aside poets.

    the cmnt is a simple acknowledgement that i see u as being qualified to write so much better!

    [perhaps there is a case of a well known artist having said that he made that one painting in (40 years) & a few minutes!/obviuosly one values the sweat n toil behind every work]

    best wishes andy..