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Monday, June 01, 2009

Likkle Rhymin' Fingy

Posted to readwritepoem
Poetry Train Revisited
and Only The Good Friday
at Carry On Tuesday #3
What seems is not always as it seems
and the following likkle rhymin' fingy
is a case in point. It is in fact the song
lyrics I wrote for Sir Cliff Richard, who
still needs a number one hit in the UK
charts this year, to continue his record
of a number one hit in every decade, for
six decades.


Goodbye no no, goodbye

I don’t think so

My love affair with you

ain’t over yet

It seems like yesterday

when we first said hello,

Goodbye no no, goodbye

I don’t think so

I sing this song for you

to let you know

that you are my number one

I won’t let you go

Goodbye no no, goodbye

I don’t think so

Never never, say

never ever, though

Cos who knows what tomorrow

may bring don’t you know




  1. Sir Cliff will be most pleased with this

  2. Great words - he should use them.
    He'd no doubt have had his No 1 this decade if there wasn't a 'youf' movement on the radio to stop him.
    So much for respect for this countries first pop superstar.

  3. Hey this was so cool !! Loved it...Goodbye no no....nice.
    i was actually singing it!!

  4. Would love to hear this with music.

  5. This is wonderful.

    I am a diehard fan of his!

    I got almost all his albums!

  6. sounds every bit like a song and should be one for sure!!!

  7. Hope he is reading and practicing this now. Very generous of you.

  8. this would make a hit on the charts

  9. Interesting use of the prompt. I Love it!!

  10. Where's my uke? I wanna sing this one

  11. I can just picture him singing this. I'd love to hear it on the radio!

  12. I hear the song in this, though I'm not familiar with the singer. "Goodbye no no, goodbye" is a nice refrain.

  13. I could definitely hear this one as song.

  14. I don't know Sir Cliff, but I could hear this one in my head, like a song, or even a short spoken word piece.

  15. nice trying to sing it now

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