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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Three Word Wednesday CXLI

Posted to The American Sandwich game.

Written for 3WW CXLI
the words this week are:
Dangerous, Keepsake, and Restless.
Here's mine:

'Don't eat cake, unless there's no bread left', these restless thoughts run through my head. Velorution, Parisian style, dangerous as a Velib bike. But, hardly a keepsake of the Escargot, in this Arrondissement.

The American Sandwich ggaammee... Flash Fiction in 51 syllables, with a poetic filling.

Write a piece of flash fiction in just three American Sentences.
Allen Ginsberg's American Sentence has seventeen syllables.
Your task is to use as few words as possible to fill the sandwich.


  1. A great continental flavour today.
    By the way, I've done as you ask on your comment to me and and shown you how to go back ten seconds.

  2. Thanks Tony, I'm zooming back over to your bloggage, right now!

  3. This made me think of celebrating something lost. Maybe it was the, "don't eat cake, unless there's no bread left"
    Arrondisment- fantastic word choice for division.

  4. wow--love this!!

    and I'm off to check out "the american sandwich..." sounds delicious!!

  5. Hmmm - looked up Velib bike - some kind of communal bike rental in Paris? some of the rest is beyond me - but I learned something!

  6. Fascinating...

  7. Nohing better than an American Sentence with a worldly flavor. Love the words you used in this...

  8. Hi Tony, my French is so good that the Parisians answer me in English!

    Thanks Jeeves!

    Hi DP, it's a sort of reverse Marie Antoinette quote. And the Arrondisments in this case, are the way Paris is divided up.

  9. Thanks Angie, I'm sure you could make a nice sandwich!

    Hi Kristy, spot on about the Velib! It's a corruption of two words Velo and Liberation! Not to be confused with Velorution which is Velo and Revolution and also an anagram of the latter.

    Thanks ying-ko-4 !!

  10. Hi Sue @ Tumblewords, At this time of year there's a lot of American's in Paris!

  11. I love trying to say the word Arrondissement, even though I butcher the accent. Why Velorution instead of Revolution?

    Oh, wait... I see in the comments this has been answered. Now I get it, and it's cool.

  12. This made me laugh...because...when I was a child my mother, her sisters, my cousins and I were stranded with a pack horse,angle food cake and one onion. It was for only for a day. Boy did that cake taste good. It's a long story.


  13. So many clever things are happening in this, I hardly know where to start! I love the turn on the quote, although technically it was a French princesse of Voltaire's time and not Marie Antoinette who said it. Then the Velorution, lol! So many images in my mind, for only three sentences.

  14. Hi PJD, In Franglais, we say it as it's spelt!

    Thanks b, wonderful memories!

    Hi Ann, Then there's the title of course, Popincourt is number eleven of the twenty Arrondisments of Paris. Number one starts in the centre and they curl round like a snail. All Parisian 'zip' codes start with 750.

  15. I tried hard to make sense but I couldnt u\s this one!

    can you please explain ?

  16. Hi Winnie, I think you'll find all the answers in the comments above.